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Marshall Plan Scholarship

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation offers scholarships for academic exchanges between students at US and Austrian universities aiming at improving Austrian-American relations in the spirit of the Marshall Plan and to strengthen scholarly and scientific co-operations.

Further information:



Information for interested applicants

  • Minimum stay: 3 months
  • Scholarship: 4.000 - 10.000 euros, depending on duration of stay
  • No tuition fee at the University of Graz
    • Only student union fee has to be paid (approx. 21 euros) per semester

Eligible candidates must be:

  • enrolled as full-time bachelor/master/PhD students from one of the US Joint Study partner universities 
  • enrolled for studies that correspond to one of the study fields at Uni Graz that are open for Marshall Plan applicants,
  • have an outstanding record of achievement,
  • nominated by their home university.


Nomination by home university:

The International Office of your home university must nominate you to the University of Graz via email by providing the following information:

  • Name of student according to passport
  • Student's email address
  • Level & field of study at home university
  • Intended exchange period at University of Graz

Nominated students will then be contacted with further information about the process.

After you are nominated

After the nomination by your home university, you have to provide the following documents (in English) via email as well as by mail:

  • Completed and signed application form | download: template
  • Tabular CV / resume (incl. publications, if any) signed by applicant
  • Detailed research proposal for the intended research stay at University of Graz | download: template

    • title of research project 
    • short description of the research agenda 
    • detailed description of the research problem incl. research questions 
    • general objective/goals
    • methodology, research approach, workflow
    • relevance, expected results and broader impact of research project
  • 2 letters of recommendation by professors at the home university, one of which must be provided by the supervisor of the thesis at the home university.
  • Proof of enrollment incl. information on level and field of study issued by the admissions office of the home university
  • Official transcript of records
  • Letter/Confirmation of academic supervision, signed by a professor at University of Graz indicating the exact duration of stay | download: template
  • Passport copy


Please note that in the context of academic evaluation and admissions check additional documents about previous degrees (in case of master or PhD applications) might be requested.

Complete set of application documents must be sent to incoming.exchange(at)uni-graz.at

The original paper version of the application must also reach the office by the deadline indicated below! 

  • 23rd March 2022 (for research stays starting on 1 August 2022 the earliest)

Incomplete application will not be considered.

After being granted the scholarship

Marshall Plan Scholarship candidates who have been selected by the Marshall Plan Foundation must:

  • apply for a visa or residence permit for their stay in Austria (depending on the duration of stay)
  • provide a copy of health insurance coverage, meeting the requirements for an Austrian visa/residence permit, including evacuation and repatriation as well as sufficient liability insurance for the full duration of your stay in Graz. For further information, please contact the Austrian embassy.
  • find suitable accommodation in Graz: e.g. dorms in Graz

University of Graz will provide you with an acceptance letter, alongside instructions concerning visa/residence permit application procedures

The Marshall Plan Foundation will provide you with the first installment of your Marshall Plan Scholarship after you present a scan of your visa/residence permit and insurance policy via email to: incoming.exchange@uni-graz.at

Important notice:
Any form of change in regards to the contract signed with the Marshall Plan Foundation (e.g. dates of research stay, changes to title of research project, etc.) must be communicated to the Office of International Relations immediately! The Office will present the request for changes to the Marshall Plan Foundation for them to take a final decision. Be aware that any changes not confirmed by the Marshallplan Foundation might result in financial consequences for the grantee.


Preparing your stay

International exchange students and candidates of the Marshall Plan Scholarship can find details on how to plan the arrival on this website.

After finishing your research stay at Uni Graz

You must hand in to incoming.exchange(at)uni-graz.at: 

  • Final Report = Research Paper (min. 7,500 words, excl. title page, table of contents and references) | download: template
  • Field Report (max. 2 pages) | download: template
  • Confirmation of stay issued by the supervisor at the University of Graz incl. exact duration of stay according to the Marshall Plan application (official letter head and signature, emails or scans are not accepted)
  • Assessment of the research paper and the research undertaken in the context of the Marshall Plan Scholarship by the thesis supervisor at the home university (official letter head and signature and stamp)

All applicants agree to their research paper being published on the website of the Marshall Plan Foundation.

It is possible to apply for a retention period for the research paper to be published at later date under the following conditions:

  • Retention period of up to 3 years retention requested:
    The request must be accompanied by:
    • a signed statement by the student
    • a signed statement by the supervisor at University of Graz on official university letter head stating the duration of the requested data retention period and the reasons why this is necessary.
  • Retention period of more than 3 years retention requested:
    The request must be accompanied by:
    • a signed statement by the student 
    • a signed statement by the supervisor at University of Graz on official university letter head stating the duration of the requested data retention period and the reasons why this is necessary.
    • a 1.000 word summary (excl. title page, content page and references) for immediate publication on the website of the Marshall Plan Foundation.

Marshall Plan Scholarship:

Programme officer:

Mag. Christa Grassauer

Universitätsplatz 3
8010 Graz

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 1254

Office hours:
Mon-Fri 9.30 am - 12 noon
Wednesday additionally 1 - 3 pm
as well as on appointment

(During course free times:
Mon-Thurs 10 am - 12 noon)

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