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Seminar 02 - Media and Crises of Democracy


Week 1+2: Mirko Petrić (University of Zadar, Croatia)

The Media and Modernity: The Populist Moment

The content of the course is outlined by its title, which quotes the titles of John B. Thompson’s classical social theory of the media and Jan Werner Müller’s recent article on populism in contemporary politics and culture. Added to this should be the content of Harry Frankfurt’s 2005 essay “On Bullshit”, which analyzed the implications of the rhetorical mode of “post-factual politics” even before the term was coined. Topics covered include discussions of the technological and cultural differences of  “legacy media” and “social media”, the transformation of the public sphere in the era of “networked individualism”, and dissent in the age of “regressive modernity” (Nachtwey, 2016). Special attention is paid to 2016 presidential elections in the United States, but due space is also devoted to populist rhetoric in other political and media systems.

Mirko Petrić


(University of Zadar, Croatia)

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