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Seminar 05 - Ageing Masculinities: In Pursuit of Happiness


Week 1 + 2: Murray Forman (Northeastern University, USA), Oana Hergenröther (University of Graz, Austria), and Barbara Ratzenböck (University of Graz, Austria)

WEEK 1 (Murray Forman)

The first week of the seminar will introduce the emergent field of Critical Age Studies with a particular emphasis on gender and aging among men. Intersectional theoretical approaches will be discussed as a means of analysis across social variables (focused on, but not limited to, aging masculinities) as well as exploring the significance of the plural construct, “aging masculinities.” Among the issues under analysis are: the depiction of older men in relation to anti-aging discourse and anti-aging advertising; aspects of style and identity among aging men; and case studies engaging masculinity, age, and celebrity in the realms of popular music and hip-hop culture. During the seminar’s first week, students will acquire a clearer understanding about how masculine aging is manifested as a cultural construct while examining the multiple meanings and values associated with men beyond middle age.

WEEK 2 (Barbara Ratzenböck)

The second week of the seminar will focus on a selection of methods to study intersections of gender and age/ing. First, participants will learn about the method of “digital story-telling” and subsequently also produce their own digitally-recorded story on aging masculinities. These stories will serve as a vantage point to discuss experiences, imaginations, as well as cultural reference points and representations of old age and masculinities. Further, students will be introduced to the method of walking interviews and also learn how to do one themselves, exploring the influence moving through space has on narrating our experiences as beings within time. At the end of the second week, the seminar will look into current research on aging masculinities. Discussing epistemological and methodological cornerstones of the international project “MASCAGE - Gendering Age: Representations of Masculinities and Ageing in Contemporary European Literatures and Cinemas,” students will learn about challenges and benefits of interdisciplinary research in the context of investigating aging masculinities in the European setting.


Additional Lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Roberta Maierhofer (University of Graz, Austria)

Dr. Oana Ursulesku (University of Graz, Austria)

Andreas Schuch (University of Graz, Austria)


Murray Forman (Northeastern University, USA)


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Barbara Ratzenböck (University of Graz, Austria)


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Oana Hergenröther (University of Graz, Austria)


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