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Social Program


Besides the morning lectures and the seminars in the afternoon, students will go on a one-day excursion to Graz, the capital of the province of Styria. This one-day trip to Graz will include a visit to the University of Graz, a reception at the City Hall, as well as, a guided city tour. Students will also have time to stroll around and explore the unique city of Graz by themselves. More information will be provided during the first week of the summer school. (Visit: https://www.graztourismus.at/en)

There will also be an optional excursion to Maribor, another European Cultural Capital, and the second biggest city of Slovenia, where students will have the chance to get in touch with local students and professors for a mutual exchange. The Maribor excursion is an additional program point, organized by the GUSEGG Team, but fees are not covered for this excursion.

There is an outdoor swimming pool at the venue, and you can also play volleyball or football at the green, or play table tennis. Furthermore, we will organize a castle tour, movie and game nights, a karaoke evening and you will have a wine tasting at the Seggau Castle, which is famous for its excellent local wine. You may also want to walk down to the city of Leibnitz, about a quarter of an hour on foot from Seggau Castle.


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