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Joint Programmes: International Study Programmes

An investment in your future – Joint Programmes

You’ve surely have noticed that internationalization and an active role within the European Higher Education Area are two principal targets of the educational policy of the University of Graz. Since 2007 there has been a steadily growing number of joint programmes which offer a joint or double degree. The University of Graz is eager to offer more and more high quality programmes, in which the international mobility plays a fundamental role.

What is a Joint Programme?

A joint programme is a Master’s or PhD programme that has been jointly developed by two or more international universities and cumulates in a joint or double degree diploma which is officially recognized by all degree awarding partner universities. As a degree graduate you will benefit considerably from this degree as it will greatly increase your chances on the international labour market due to the intercultural experiences you gained during the integrated mobility exchanges.  

Carefully chosen mobility partners will give you the opportunity to acquire expertise in specialized study fields which may not be offered at your entrance university and, additionally, to perfect your language and soft skills.

What is a Joint or Double Degree?

A Joint Degree is a single diploma issued by at least two institutions while a Double Degree consists of two national diplomas issued by two institutions in conjunction. In any case, the graduates will have the right to carry one academic degree.

Which Joint Programmes are offered at the University of Graz?

On the right hand side, you find a list of all offered joint  programmes. As the offer can vary from year to year, it is highly important that you check the current situation of each programme on the individual website.

Where and how can I apply?

On each individual website of our joint programmes you will find a detailed application procedure. You either have to apply online or send your application in a written form.  

Generally, you need to choose one partner university of the consortium as your entrance university (university of enrolment). The entrance university is the institution which you apply to and where you get enrolled as a regular student.

Is there an application deadline?

Yes. Each joint programme has its own application period which you have to observe. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. Application deadlines vary from programme to programme so please consult the individual websites.

Which application documents are required?

In case you apply for a Joint Master’s programme, you usually need to upload or send the following documents: 

  • a completed application form,  
  • a letter of motivation,
  • at least one letter of recommendation,
  • your Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, 
  • your transcript of records or Diploma Supplement,
  • your CV,
  • a language certificate (where applicable) and
  • a copy of your passport (where applicable).

Before you submit your application, check the list of the required documents on the correspondent website of your chosen joint programme.

Can I apply for a grant?

There are no special grants for joint programmes. However, you can apply for the regular scholarships at your entrance university. You can find further information on the individual websites of the joint programmes.

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