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Are you still looking for an international Master's programme?

Friday, 22 July 2022

Apply for one of our Joint Master Programmes and start your international academic career in autumn 2022!

Graduates of Austrian and EU universities with EU citizenship can apply for the following Joint Master Programmes for the University of Graz as entrance university:


Joint Master’s Programme in Southeast European Studies – Deadline for application 31 August 2022

The international and interdisciplinary Masters’ programme enables students to effectively understand the connections between history, politics, law, economics and culture in Southeast Europe.

Core areas of the English-taught Master's programme are European integration, democratisation, human rights, the rule of law, social history, as well as post-colonial and intersectional studies. Students can choose to specialise in either history or law and politics.

Further information: Joint Master's Programme in Southeast European Studies (jointdegree.eu)


International Graduate Study Programme in Cultural Sociology – Deadline for application 1 September 2022

The Master’s programme combines sociology and cultural studies and offers its students an integrated semester abroad at one of the partner universities.

The focus is on teaching theoretical and methodological approaches of cultural sociology, as well as the academic skills for researching and analysing the interactions of culture with social, political and economic processes and structures.

Applicants must provide proof of their German language proficiency.

Further information: Cultural Sociology (jointdegree.eu)



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