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Promotion of International Relations

Guidelines for awarding mobility grants to group activities at the University of Graz

The Office of International Relations provides financial means to support activities on an international level, thus promoting the internationalisation process at the University of Graz.


Invitation of guests and/or travel grants for outgoing students for teaching and research stays or for fostering co-operation


  1. with strategic partner universities (especially in the frame of the seven research core areas)
  2. with universities in the strategic focus region South-Eastern Europe
  3. with universities in the focus region The Americas in the frame of the seven research core areas
  4. with universities where co-operation activities are taking place for the first time (initial activity)
  5. with partner institutions from university-wide networks
    a. “Coimbra Group
    b. “Utrecht Network
    c. “ASEA Uninet
    d. “Eurasia-Pacific Uninet
  6. In connection with internationalisation goals of the faculties as specified in their performance agreements

 Please note the following:

  • (Group) travel of staff from the University of Graz cannot be handled via this grant procedure.
  • Should other financial sources be available (e.g. third-party funds), these should be used first.
  • Co-financing should be reported to the Office of International Relations. In the event that the subsidised activity should be “over-funded”, the excess amount must be reimbursed.
  • Grants are awarded according to the means available, there is no legal entitlement.


The amount of the grant depends on the list of expenses as stated in the application form, and is a lump sum.


The grant’s payment order is carried out via the internal order stated in the application form.  Please note that according to the Accounting Department’s regulations, grants are not allowed to be posted to any cost centres. The payment of the grant is now up to your department/unit. 

Nota bene:

  1. Guests / travelling persons deliver a service (e.g. a lecture): Please get in touch with the Accounting Department or the Human Resources Officer to ascertain the correct method of payment (probably by means of a guest lecturer form). 
  2. Guests / travelling persons deliver no services (in terms of the grant not representing any form of payment for a service such as a lecture):
    a. Direct payment of grants - the following instructions from the Accounting Department are applicable: 
     Please note that only staff members of the University of Graz can access the contents via the hyperlink.
    b. The grant covers expenses related to the guest’s stay or outgoing student travel (e.g. hotel, meals, transport).


At any rate, the application form (please go to download-box in the column on the right) must be submitted by a staff member of the University of Graz.  In order to receive a grant, guests must be currently employed by their home institution at the time of their activity, and outgoing students must be enrolled at the University of Graz at the time of their activity. 

Please complete the application form and send it to the Office of International Relations within 28 days prior to the start of your planned activity. 


Step 1:       
The completed application form should be e-mailed to mobilitaetszuschuss-bib(at)uni-graz.at.  No signature is required for this e-mail. Please do not scan the form, but save it after filling it out and attach it to the e-mail.
Step 2:
Then, print out the application form and sign it as the applicant. In addition, the form must be signed by your superior. The fully completed original application form is to be sent to the Office of International Relations.


You will be notified in writing of the decision within 4 weeks upon receiving your application.


[1] Statement of account:

SAP statement proving that the payment of the lump sum has been made.

[2] Report:

The report is to be sent electronically within 30 days following the end of activities (download of form: please see download-box in the column on the right) to the following email address: mobilitaetszuschuss-bib(at)uni-graz.at.


Oliver Immervoll
Postal address: Universitaetsplatz 3, 8010 Graz Place of employment: Elisabethstraße 27/II, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3938

Office hours:
Mon - Fri 9.30 - 12am, Wed 1 - 3pm
(During course free time: Monday-Thursday 10-12am)
and on appointment

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