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Self-organised mobilities

When you want to use these mobility programmes, you have to find a place for your study/research stay independently in advance, i.e. you cannot select from partner institutions. The following programmes are available:

Grant for self-organized stays 

  • For all fields of study and all study levels
  • Attending courses (self-organized study visits) as well as as part of the final thesis, e.g. also for scientific laboratory work or summer schools (not for language courses!)
  • Duration: at least 5 days, up to 10 months (=duration of the scholarship)
  • Financial support up to 480 euros per month
  • Ongoing application 

Rudi Roth Scholarship
Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

  • For all fields of study and study levels
  • Research stays for academic work dealing with the situation in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
  • Financial grant of up to 4,000 euros
  • See programme website for the application deadline

Additional offers:

 Note : The term Europe refers to geographical Europe.


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