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We try our best to make it as easy as possible for you to apply for the Summer School. Still sometimes things which are clear to us may not seem to be logical or clear to you. In this section you find a list of questions which may help you with your application.

If you still have further questions AFTER (!) reading this site carefully (maybe it is wise to read it again!), you can contact us anytime.


Q: Who should apply for the summer school?

A: The summer school is for students who are internationally oriented and highly motivated. Students from all universities and all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Q: I am an undergraduate student in my first or second semester. Does that mean I cannot apply for the summer school?

A: Students in their first or second semester are welcome to apply for the summer school.

Q: Is the summer school for students only?

A: To apply for the summer school, students have to document that in June 2019 they are enrolled (or will be enrolled) at a university. If that is not possible for you, you can send an application form anyway and try to explain your special circumstances.

Q: I am not sure if my language skills will be good enough for attending the Summer School.

A: Please have in mind that the language which will be used at the summer school for courses, seminars, lectures etc. will be English only! For that reason it is obligatory for students to speak and understand English quite well.


Q: What are the rooms like at Seggau Castle?

A: There will be mainly double rooms, and sometimes triple rooms (with shower and toilet) for all students - we are not able to offer single rooms.

Q.: I suffer from allergies and am therefore worried about the food possibilities at Seggau Castle. What are the options?

A: Please tell us in advance if there is food you cannot eat. We will tell the chefs and they will offer you meals adapted to your needs.

Q: I am a wheelchair user and thus limited in my flexibility. Is the venue at Seggau Castle wheelchair friendly so that I can still partake?

A: Unfortunately only some parts of the castle can be accessed with a wheelchair. If you let us know in advance it is no problem to organize the seminars in such a way that you can participate in the summer school.


Q: Are there detailed instructions on how to fill in the online application?

A.: Yes. There is a word file available to download. It contains all the relevant information you need in order to fill in the online application successfully.

Q: Can I fill in the online application before sending you an email?

A.: No. If you want to apply you have to send us an email first so that we can give you the access code and link to our database where you have to fill in your relevant data.  You cannot enter the database without this code.

Q: I come from a country belonging to the EU - do I still have to send a copy of my passport?

A: Yes - please send all papers we ask for - no matter where you come from.

Q: My passport expires before the summer school and I have not renewed my passport yet. What should I do?

A: Please send a copy of your current (expiring) passport along your application with a short note explaining the current situation. And as soon as you will obtain your renewed passport, please send a scanned copy (via email) of your new passport.

Q: I will need a visa for Austria but I do not have this visa in my passport yet, so what copies should I send with my application?

A: If you will need a visa to come to Austria we will help you during your application procedure at the embassy and also provide necessary documents (e.g. invitation letter etc.). For now: just send a copy of your passport and fill in the corresponding passages in the application form. We will get in touch with you regarding the visa procedure right after your selection.

Q: Who should write the two letters of recommendation for my application?

A: These two (different) letters have to be written and signed by your university teachers and they must be written in English or German.

Q: What should be the content of these letters of recommendation?

A: Within these letters your university teachers should write why they think you are capable of attending the Summer School and/or why they recommend you.

Q: Do these letters have to be especially for the summer school, or do you also accept letters with a "general" recommendation, because I already have some?

A: It is better if you can send letters especially written for you including the reason why the teachers recommend you for this summer school. Letters recommending you in general also will be accepted as long as they are not older than one year.

Q: What should I write in the essay and how long should it be?

A: In this essay you have to describe why you want to attend the Summer School, why you find the topic interesting for you and why you want to attend the seminar module of your first choice. This essay should not be longer than one page.

Q: Can I attend more than one seminar module?

A: No – every student has to choose one of the seven seminar modules and it will not be possible to change this selection during the Summer School. Lectures, talks and discussions, however, will be open for all students.

Q: What kind of documents should I send regarding “certificates/diplomas”?

A: If you already obtained a certificate (e.g. Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree) you should send a copy of it. If you do not have a diploma yet, you have to send an academic transcript which is provided by most universities (signed and stamped). This transcript shows all exams you have taken until now and also shows the grades given to you. This transcript has to be in English – if your University does not provide an academic transcript in English you can send the original transcript and make an English translation yourself. Your translation, however, needs to be approved by your home university (signed and/or stamped). (We do not ask you to obtain an official or certified translation since this can be very expensive!). In addition to your academic transcript, please send a copy of your high school diploma, too (only if you have not obtained any bachelor or master degree yet!).

Q: What kind of document is the “proof of enrollment”?

A: The proof of enrollment is issued by your university and it proves that you are enrolled in a university and thus, that you are student currently.

Q: When do I have to send my application form?

A: The deadline for application is the March 18th, 2019, which means that applications have to be received by March 18th, 2019!

Q: How will I know if my application has arrived at the University of Graz?

A: We will send an email to you right after we did receive your application!

Q: When will I get the information if I was selected or not?

A: You will receive this information within an email as soon as possible – we will try to finish the selection by end of March 2019. Please be sure you have provided a valid email address in your application form so we can contact you.


Q: How much will I have to pay for attending the Summer School?

Q: Is there a reduced tuition fee for certain students?

A: Please refer to the Fees & Payment section of our website.

Q: How can I apply for the University of Graz scholarship (academic excellency) in order to pay only the reduced fee of € 700 instead of the full fee of € 1.500?

A: You need to send your application form together with all the required documents by March 18th, 2019. If being nominated for a summer school place, you will be awarded the scholarship. Thus, you only need to send your application in order to apply for the scholarship.

Q: Is there a chance of getting a grant to cover the tuition fee and my travel costs?

A: No – since students will pay only a reduced amount of participation fee, we cannot offer any further grants which may cover the fee and travelling costs. You may ask at your local University or at NGOs from your home country.

Q: When will I have to pay the tuition fee?

A: The tuition fee must be paid until April 8th, 2019 the latest! Your place will be only reserved for you, if we did receive the tuition fee until this deadline. If your payment has not been received by this deadline, your place will be given to one of the applicants on the waiting list. Under no circumstances students will be admitted to the program unless the tuition fee has been paid in full. You will receive further information regarding the payment (bank details etc.) after you have been selected.

Q: Is it possible to get my tuition fee refunded in case I cannot join the Summer School?

A: 80% of your tuition fee will be refunded in case of:

  • illness (you must provide a medical report)
  • severe illness or death of a close relative (i.e. parents, siblings, spouse/partner, children; you must provide a medical report)

No other reasons for reimbursement will be accepted!

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