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About the Lecturers (A-Z)

(Arizona State University, USA)

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Academic Quick Fix Academic Writing

When we speak of academic writing, we have to also talk about academic research that leads to the authoring of academic papers. And when we speak of academic research and writing we enter messy terrain, filled with dissentions, disparities, and disputes across and within disciplines about what counts as a research question, what counts as data, what counts as analysis, and what counts as an academic genre. In this class, we will explore literacy practices shared across these discordant boundaries. A mere practical purpose for this class is to prepare you to author a manuscript for consideration in the fourth volume in the publication series Off Campus: School of Thought. 

Peter Goggin


(Arizona State University, USA)

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Academic Quick Fix Public Speaking

In these three workshop sessions we will focus on strategies for effective talks and paper presentations in various academic and professional settings. The workshops will introduce workshop participants to (and remind them of) techniques and rhetorical appeals of presence, performance, design, delivery, and technology for purposes of engaging, persuading, educating, enlightening, and challenging academic audiences in oral/visual presentations. This will be an interactive workshop that will encourage participation and collaboration in developing, practicing, and critiquing such presentation genres as Pitches, Slams, Elevator Speeches, Storytelling, Conference Papers, and Defenses.

Marjorie Agosín


(Wellesley College, USA)

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Academic Quick Fix Creative Writing

GUSEGG encourages students to  not just academically, but also creatively engage in the program. This workshop is intended for students who wish to discover and explore their creative talents. Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively through various genres, and for a multitude of purposes. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for them to test try out  ideas, exchange views, and develop their passion for writing.

Students will:

  • Develop writing skills and creativity skills,

  • Use personal experience in writing,

  • Acquire knowledge in writing styles,

  • Manage to further develop their creativity in various genres,

  • Acquire a critical outlook on various genres (e.g. poetry, prose, essay),

  • Establish a written voice and persona in their texts,

  • Successfully use English grammar,

  • Be trained in editing, correcting and drafting texts

  • Use creative writing as a resource for individual creative processes.

Off Campus: Seggau School of Thought

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus put forward the distinct doctrine of flux, the idea that the only constant in life is change. The flux of change generates relentless processes of transformation and shifting perspectives that are frequently perceived as unexpected and unpredictable. They are often triggered by the quest of individuals and groups for self-determination, for the need for cultural reassessment, by the ravages of war, or by more mundane motives of globalized businesses or politics. The essays in this collection robustly explore one or more of these states of transformations and shifting perspectives within three sections: Social Construction of Identity, Citizens and Governing Bodies, and Traumatization in/by War. We are well aware that as authors we are freezing a moment of shifting perspectives in the writings here. They will go on to all sorts of changes and lives from what we describe. And for that we are ever mindful and ever grateful.

More information on the volumes: https://universitaetsverlag.uni-graz.at/de/katalog/geisteswissenschaften/off-campus-seggau-school-of-thought/. 

Publish your work in our Off Campus publication!

Becoming part of the GUSEGG network is a smart career move. You will have an academic network in which further exchange will be facilitated, and if you want to apply for Master or PhD programs all over the world, it will be easier for you to get in touch with professors to write letters of recommendation from institutions in Europe and North America.

Right after the Summer School, you already have the opportunity to publish your article in a reputable book!

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