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Seminar 03 - Economics and Inequalities


Week 1 + Week 2: Luis SAN VICENTE PORTES (Montclair State University, USA)

The lines have been drawn, erased, re-drawn. What does this all mean? Who is to draw them? And why? And how? How do we engage and disengage? We see the actors: national bodies, supra-national bodies, and individuals longing for yesteryears ---as of late. To make sense of these shifts, radical, sometimes in terms of integration, and others in terms of disintegration, one needs to understand the underlying forces, whether history, technology, economics, and how all of them together shape the “political present”. This is the arena where things become visible. Here they crystalize, distorted, opaque, or otherwise, but they come to light. To engage in a fruitful, insightful, and informed discussion we need to stop and look into the moving pieces that create the whole. It is in this whole, where we see engagement and disengagement in different scales and manifestations, partaking in regional, national, and global debates that ultimately shape the lives of people. By an in-depth understanding of the processes of economic development, technological innovation, economic integration (state-promoted, think free trade; or individually pursued, think migration), and their effects on growth, standards of living, and inequality, this seminar will shed light on global trends and in particular manifestations of (mostly) disengagement such as Brexit, the breaking up of NAFTA; and on the challenges facing those arrangements and structures that seek deeper and shared engagement, for instance, the European Union and the World Trade Organization, along with satellite institutions with similar aims.

Luis San Vicente Portes


(Montclair State University, USA)

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