Seminar 04 - Sustainability and Intergenerational Ethics

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Week 1: Helga Kromp-Kolb (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria)



Week 2: Stephen Katz (Trent University, Canada)


In Week 1 seminar will address Climate Change (CC), the most pressing of the global sustainability challenges. We will cover the chain from emissions to effects to give a science based understanding of the issue and of the challenge that lies in the Paris climate agreement of 2015. CC will then be placed in the wider context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) and root causes of the multiple crisis the world is facing will be discussed. In a final step it will be shown that addressing more issues or SDGs at the same time, i.e. adding more complexity, can open options for achieving the aims that would not unfold by a single issue approach. At the same time, the extent and the effects of constraints resulting from disciplinary approaches of science, simplified models and of the ivory tower and the objectivity paradigm prevalent in much of the scientific world will be addressed. What are their merits and how do they affect societal decisions at the cross roads we find ourselves in at present? What can students and scientists do to make a difference?

Scientific learning will be complemented by small exercises and games offering personal experiences linked to the issues discussed.

In Week 2, the core topics shift to environmental justice and intergenerational ethics, with a focus on embracing new pathways to planetary futures that implicate interdependent relations between young and old. Student discussion and creative engagement are vital to the seminar. In addition to the required readings and media materials, the seminar looks to our international experiences and interdisciplinary backgrounds as key resources for critical thought and social Change.

Stephen Katz

(Trent University, Canada)

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Helga Kromp-Kolb

(University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Austria)

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