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Seggau Castle is located about 40km south of Graz, near the beautiful city of Leibnitz:

The castle is located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Leibnitz, amidst the vineyards of southern Styria, Austria. Its history dates back to Roman times which the unique Lapidarium bears impressive testimony to.

In the 12th century the upper castle was built by Archbishop Konrad of Salzburg as an administrative and missionary bastion and in 1219, the Old Tower was given as residence to the first Bishop of the newly founded Diocese Seckau (hence the name). Seggau Castle served as the seat of the Styrian bishopric until late 18th century and remained their summer residence until well into the 20th century.

The architecture remains stunning. The Old Tower was added onto twice and finally turned into a clock tower in 1606. As building material, among other things, numerous ancient stones (2nd century BC) from the cemeteries of the Roman municipality Flavia Solva were used. In 1815, the 800-year-old tower had to be taken apart, due to serious damage caused by the heavy bells. In the upper stories of the tower, about 500 marble Roman era inscriptions and relief stones, most of them legible, were found. From the most beautiful of these stones, a new facade was built in 1830/1832 in the upper castle using the example of the Vatican Lapidarium.

The Seggau Lapidarium is one of the castle’s main visitor attractions, as well as the ‘Princely Chambers’ with their completely preserved baroque furnishings, the chapel, the huge historic bell ‘Liesl’, or the world-famous 300-year-old wine cellar offering regular wine-tastings.

Nowadays, ‘Schloss Seggau’ is well known as a modern, well-appointed convention and conference centre that successfully fuses tradition with modernity.


Please make your travel arrangements so that you arrive on July 1st before 6 pm. and leave on July 14th 2018

Arriving by train

Please look up the travel information on how to get to Vienna or Graz from your individual country! For Austrian train schedules use: Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) Route Planner

  • Arriving in Vienna at “Wien Hauptbahnhof”, take a train to “Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof”.
  • Arriving in Vienna at “Westbahnhof”, transfer to “Wien-Meidling Bahnhof” (subway U6 to “Bahnhof Meidling”) and proceed to “Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof” (see above).
  • Arriving at Graz you can take a train to "Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof".

 Arriving by car

Arriving by plane

  • From Vienna Airport take a train to the train station Wien Hauptbahnhof where you can take a train to Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof (see above) OR
  • From Vienna Airport take a bus ( to Graz (Girardigasse) go to the train station Graz Hauptbahnhof where you can take a train to Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof
  • From Graz Thalerhof Airport trains run to Leibnitz on a regular basis (travel time ca. 30 min; ticket approx. € 7). Check for schedules at Austrian Railways link provided above (departure point: “Flughafen Graz-Feldkirchen”; arrival point: “Leibnitz”). The train station is about 200 meters (walking distance) from the airport.

Shuttle Service from Leibnitz

The summer school team will organize shuttles (taxis) for the summer school students from Leibnitz Train Station to Seggau Castle depending on arrivals. To use this shuttle service, please contact us at least two weeks in advance so we can schedule your arrival and organize vehicles and drivers. If you have reserved the shuttle, arrive and no shuttle is present, please wait a few minutes as there are a limited number of cars available.

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Contact for Students:

University of Graz (Austria): Office of International Relations

Tel. +43 (0)316 / 380-3926

Visa information

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