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Since January 2014, the ERASMUS programme has been integrated into Erasmus+, the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. This gives students the opportunity to study at a university in another European country for a period of 3 to 12 months.

For each level of study (Bachelor, Master or doctoral studies), Erasmus+ mobility periods up to a maximum of 12 months are possible, regardless of the programme type (study abroad or traineeship/work placement) and the number of mobility activities (e.g. 2 study abroad periods of 5 months each + 1 traineeship lasting 2 months). Diploma students (in Law, Pharmacology or Teaching) can complete up to 24 months. Any previous Erasmus(+) mobilities in the LLP programme are included in the maximum possible 12/24 months. 

Student Exchange Network (SEN) / UTRECHT Network (UN): Interdisciplinary study places

In addition, students can apply for interdisciplinary study places within the SEN (Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network) or UN (Utrecht Network), which are funded through Erasmus+. These places are coordinated through the Office of International Relations. An application for one of these places is only possible if there is no agreement with the relevant university for an Erasmus+ place in the student’s own field of study. (See list of available places in each field of study) 

SEN (Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network): The Coimbra Group was founded in 1985 and is now a network of 38 universities in 23 countries; its primary purpose is to establish academic and cultural links to encourage the formation of a European higher education area, as well as creating specific opportunities for cooperation and exchange to improve the mobility of students and teachers. 

UN (Utrecht Network): The UTRECHT Network is made up of 32 European universities in 27 countries. The University of Graz has been a member of this network since 1994. Its activities are mainly focused on student and teacher exchanges in Europe, but individual universities are increasingly also taking part in special programmes and projects with partners outside Europe. 


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