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International Profile

Internationalization and academic mobility are important strategic concerns of the University of Graz. Our office plays a central role in the implementation of these goals. In order to promote the University of Graz as an attractive and competent cooperation partner in the areas of research, teaching and university development, measures are being implemented which, among other things, serve to support students and staff in their internationalisation activities. You can find the current internationalization strategy of the University of Graz here.

The University of Graz cooperates bilaterally with around 500 excellent institutions worldwide and is an active member of numerous international networks.

At a glance

Erasmus programme

Erasmus+ is one of the best-known EU funding programmes and enables all university members to study, teach or train abroad, among other things. The University of Graz has successfully participated in the programme since 1992 and offers students and staff a wide range of mobility and cooperation opportunities. Since 2015, the University of Graz has also been cooperating with non-European universities within the framework of Erasmus+ International.

Focus Region South-Eastern Europe

The University of Graz has a long-standing and intensive partnership with the regions of South-Eastern Europe. The University of Graz underlined the importance of this positive cooperation in 2000 by defining a university-wide focus on South-Eastern Europe and was the first university in the German-speaking world to do so.

Strategic partnerships

The current 5 strategic partner institutions are already long-standing cooperation partners. We cooperate in an above-average number of areas. Funds are specifically allocated to support activities with strategic partners in order to promote the mobility of doctoral students, post-docs as well as teachers and researchers.

CanadaUniversity of Waterloo
ChinaNanjing University
GermanyUniversität Leipzig
SloveniaUniversity of Ljubljana
USAMontclair State University

Other partner institutions & networks

The University of Graz cooperates bilaterally with around 500 excellent partner institutions worldwide: in addition to the strategic partnerships, there are also numerous Erasmus+ and Erasmus+ International partner institutions and other cooperation partner institutions. The University of Graz is also an active partner in various international networks and thus helps to shape the European and International Higher Education Area. 

University of Graz staff can find more information on the Intranet.

ARQUS - European University Alliance

By participating in the Arqus European University Alliance, the University of Graz strengthens its strategic cooperation in a consortium of seven European universities within the framework of the European University Alliances Initiative of the European Commission and actively contributes to shaping the European Higher Education Area in the areas of research, teaching, administration and societal engagement.

International educational projects

International educational projects promote transnational dialogue and exchange on topics relevant to education and thus the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative approaches in education. They have become an important pillar in the international profile of higher education institutions. The University of Graz has played a very active role in this area for many years. An overview of current international educational projects at the University of Graz can be found here,  staff of the University of Graz can find further information on the Intranet.

International study programmes

At the University of Graz, 13 international study programmes - so-called Joint Programmes - at master's level are offered. One of the special features of the programme is the compulsory stay abroad at a partner institution. The international study programmes offered by the University of Graz can be found at www.jointdegree.eu. Uni Graz staff can find further information on the Intranet.

Co-Tutelle de Thèse

A binational doctorate (Co-Tutelle de Thèse) gives doctoral students the opportunity to receive a jointly awarded doctoral degree in cooperation with a foreign partner university. It is a jointly awarded degree based on a single academic achievement due to research conducted at two universities.

Interested students can contact their doctoral supervisor at the University of Graz, the application must be submitted by the doctoral supervisor. Uni Graz staff can find more information about the process and how to apply on the intranet.

Trainings & Certificates

The University of Graz also offers some advanced training courses and certificates with an international and digital focus. The offers are open to both Uni Graz staff and Arqus Alliance member universities:


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